What's the Best material for walls in your Van Conversion?

In this post I'm going to briefly talk about some of the main ways that people choose to cover their walls in their van conversion after insulation has been finished.  

Shiplap: This is my favorite type of wood to use when making wall or furniture coverings.  Shiplap is an inexpensive thin wood that is used solely as a cover for walls to make them look better.  Keep in mind that this type of wood should never be used for structural support.

Tongue and groove Pine: This is the most common type of wall covering that you see in most van conversions these days.  The advantage to using this type of wall cover is that it is thicker than shiplap and can hold temperature much better than shiplap.  The downside to using tongue and groove pine is that it can become extremely expensive depending on how big the space is that you plan to cover.  Pine also changes shape as temperature and climate changes outside of your van.

Plywood: This is usually used as a sub wall or as a foundation to lay a more aesthetic type of wall cover, but can sometimes be used as the actual wall itself.  The advantage to using plywood is that it is the easiest and quickest to install out of the wall coverings listed in this post.  It can also be a very affordable option.  The downside is that if you're not the best at painting or staining wood, plywood can look really good or really bad.