Camp Chef Oven Review for Van Dwellings

I bought this oven for my first van conversion instead of using an electric burner and oven so that I could save on power in my electrical setup.

I was doing hours of research trying to find a propane oven that didn't cost an arm and a leg, and honestly the Camp Chef Outdoor oven was one of the only ones that I could find.  The oven was listed for a pretty low price, which is awesome, but the main issue was that this oven was only rated for outdoor use, meaning that it would be a risk for me to try to use in in the confined space of a van.  

I decided to buy it anyway and return it if I needed to.  Long story short, I'm glad that I decided to buy it.  Although the oven was not rated for indoor use, it is also suggested that it can be used in a well vented area.  I chose to only use the oven during camping trips when I would be able to have the doors of my van and my roof vent open.  Overall, I do suggest this as a cheap alternative to more expensive propane ovens on the market.  Just use it wisely!