2002 GMC Savanna Stealth Camper Tour

This van is Set up as an off-grid stealth camper van. It is fully equipped with a solar power electrical system.
There is a Solar Panel discretely mounted to the roof of the van. All the rest of the electrical components including the Solar Controller, Pure Sine Wave inverter, and deep cycle Gel battery are mounted inside of the van. The batteries are also connected to the van’s alternator to maximize its charging capabilities.
With this electrical system installed, you can watch tv, charge devices, and play video games for hours without running out of power.
There are AC and USB outlets in convenient areas throughout the van, as well as super bright rechargeable magnetic LED lights with 3 brightness levels.
The living area has gas heat and a gas oven/stove. There’s also a fully functional sink and water system, as well a flushing toilet. For cooking and ventilation, it has a 3 speed Dometic Fan-Tastic roof vent above the kitchen area.
There is a flat screen television that can be angled on a swiveling wall mount which is connected to a DTV antenna and my PS4 video game console. The couch can seat 3 people and converts into a full sized bed. The couch converts to a bed utilizing a 500lbs capacity industrial drawer slide. There is a massive easy to reach storage space under the bed.
There are 3 layers of insulation which makes it easy to regulate temperature inside the van regardless of the temperature outside of the van. All cabinets in the van are secured with magnets to make sure nothing falls while the van is moving.
There is also a Murphy desk that doubles as a full sized clothing closet. The van is in excellent mechanical condition. I’ve driven it from Virginia to California and back without a single issue.
This past summer I was on a mission to save as much money as I possibly could, so i decided to build and live in an Urban Stealth Camping Van. In the above video I take you on a full tour of everything from the electrical setup to the details of each floorboard and shiplap wall panel. Stealth Camping is all about doing everything you need to do in a house, while being parked anywhere you want, without ever being noticed. Stealth Camping is honestly one of the funnest things you can do while saving a ton of money, and I honestly believe that this is the most planned out and legitimate setup on youtube.